Some Men are Simply Boys

Questions like,  why do men cheat, why do men drink alot, why do men beat women, why do men act like boys? Will never cease to exist, because even if DNA was swapped or modified, some men are simply boys.


Your boyfriend keeps hitting on other girls,  flirting with every skirt that crosses him, and he comes back saying he loves you, sweetheart,  send him back to Highschool because he is just a boy, he needs those curfew rules and dating lessons. Unless of course you want to be the ceremonial girl, I mean, give him a chance to grow up.

He cheats on you, well all boys cheat, I know boys who keep a list of women besides their girlfriends, it makes their
Peers happy that they can switch ladies like they switching panties. He is simply a boy, a man loves his woman and doesn’t even have the guts to call her bae but Angel. He ain’t worth your tears even when he is as cute as Justin Bieber, prolly they are in the same age bracket(boys).

He gloats when he sees his ex suffer, he enjoys hurting ladies hence he is never in a relationship for more than 1 month. Dude are you a virus, a parasite or a person. Are you a man or simply a boy?

He goes to the bar like it is his office away from work, as though it pays the bills. He gets inebriated that he starts hitting on the waitress, lady dude is a boy. Men don’t accept Alcohol to overpower them, it’s just out of context…

Your boyfriend is simply a boy if he doesn’t act like he ain’t one, and sometimes,  ladies are to blame for their own wrong choices, not fate or destiny, not even God. Unless these boys turn into men, the cycle will just be continous and women will continue with the generalization of the failures of one boy to the entire man society.


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