Failing Health systems, A Case Of Uganda

Many times when I feel sick, I simply sweat it off with the words “I will be fine.” And most times, I dont visit the hospital unless I feel it’s too much to be handled, I know I am not alone in this boat. However, we are advised to visit the Doctor atleast once every month, to have a monthly checkup, to eat healthy, to avoid things and substances that make our health vulnerable. What happens is that visiting the Hospital is costly, leave alone the long lines that are often found at the cheap health centres, the few frustrated, tired and under paid doctors, the lack of medical equipment to carry out a full medical checkup. Many Hospitals are costly, even clinics, a simple medical check-up in a clinic, that includes weight check, blood tests, and an interview cost a scooping shs.15,000 or more… The recommended, full medical Check-up that includes, eye check, blood tests, urine check, waste check, abdominal check, Teeth check, skin check and whatnot costs about Shs.50,000 in a cheap place, then consultations go for about shs.20,000. (all figures herein are rough estimates but not less than the actual value.) 

This explains why I often dodge a medical checkup, In Uganda taking a medical test is only ceremonial and mostly done when very needed like when taking kids back to school. If only medical checkups were cheaper,  If doctors were paid enough, if hospitals where more accessible to the masses, if corruption was on a high low(real low), If we all did what was expected of us, if the health system in my country where better, because, let’s face it, not all of us can afford Health Insurance, and not every Uganda can afford 50k so as to undergo a recomended medical test/checkup. With the government’s decision to cut on the health budget come the next financial year, we are yet to see our Health system go deeper down the drain, we are yet to see many people die because they delayed to discover what was killing them, we are yet to see our economy fail because only a health economy is a wealthy economy. When the Human Resource of a country is joked with, such a country is destined for doom, we need to be healthy to drive this country to greatness and development.

What are we to do, to Remain Healthy? What are we to do to help other vulnerable country men?


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