Of Friendships And Love.

I take everything as a competition when with my brother, let it be food, gilrs, fashion, hair style even English and knowledge, but he is only a young chap and as his elder brother, I should act better, because everytime I win, I see his heart sink, I watch as his face turns red, I gaze as he fights his emotions and honestly some part of me dies, but We just never know when to stop and let go. We push on even when it hurts us, but life shouldn’t be a competition, Life should just be lived.

And this is exactly what happens to friendships, Some of us don’t want to learn a thing because we think we know it all,, and this hurts many a people especially those we call our friends. But unlike our brothers, friends let go and leave us, we lose love just like that. Then we go back on the hunt of new friends but what we should keep in mind is that we can’t make old friends.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mauryn143 says:

    True.. we can’t make old Friends…

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