It’s amazing how we want to keep ourselves detached from the word that even is denial. There are many definitions used when talking about denial, but that one that always catches my eye is this;

 ‘ Denial is a defense mechanism that denies painful thoughts & renunciation of your own interests in favor of tthe interests of others.’

We all are victims to this vice that slowly crawls up our sleeve and gets the better of us, finally it turns into a habit, then into something we have to live with, we see ourselves in the eyes of others and we follow their interests like they are our own. Basically we lose vision of our goals and focus, we start to simply live by life till the day the Almighty calls us to Paradise, in our skin, we live lives of others and forever we live in regret and fear of our true self.

I am sorry, because I am eventually not here to deliver you from this vice, because I am also a victim struggling like anyother, trying to see myself out of this ditch, dear friend this is nothing like a friend zone or writer’s block, because this is real and it grows with us, it ages as we age and it dies with us, except when we get a cure to it.

But what is that cure to Denial? Over to you!



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