That old pair.

They sat and waited,
That old pair.
With folded smiles,
And grey hair.

They looked and watched,
That crazy pair.
Besides the hospital bed,
And doctor’s chair.

They sang and laughed,
That awesome pair.
Amidst pain and suffering,
As they waited for the fare.

Life is short as we all know,
We live and die,
Hope and get lost,
Laugh and cry.

We hate and get hated,
We dream and live,
We forget and remember,
That we are only for a while.

And when we leave,
Like that old pair,
We have hope of meeting again,
We leave all wealth behind,
And to dust we return.

We are only for a while,
Uncertainities are great,
Surprises frighten us,
Yet imaginations are great.

Our souls depart,
Our hearts freeze,
Our bodies get cold
And our smiles fade.

Yet we live with selfishness,
We live like men in a battle,
Instead of embracing the simplicity
Of life.

We limit ourselves,
We set boundaries,
We label others,
We go to war and fight.

Everything is like battle,
Like others foresaw,
And we change not.
For we are also labelled.

I shall end here,
Lest I label you a thief,
Of my thoughts and feeling.
But in this moment, I live.
Like that old pair.


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