Hated by profession!

I remember damn old days when I was in Primary school, the teacher of English walked in from the back door and she told us to write about an experience with the dentist. I wrote the best article or so I think, that was before I ever stepped into a dental clinic, before I ever had any teeth problems, I really loved dentists, the womyn even told us to draw the tools found in a dentist’s clinic and still I was proud to draw them even when I didn’t know what I was drawing, I surely failed this part…

Then came the time when I actually had to go to a dentist, the injection was metallic and I screamed my lungs out, I fought for dear life but I was just a little boy, granny hired men to hold me down, this I considered as toture and when we went back home, granny called me a coward and all I did was throw some few tantrums.
I hate dentists with a passion, I hate mouth injections even if they are meant to ease my pain, I hate that small machine that sounds like a drill but I love biscuits and sweets…

I had a dentist’s appointment yesterday, his name was Joseph a dentist that almost made me change my mind about injections and the drill, nice young man who joined the list of those I hate by profession, Joseph is my friend when he isn’t putting on the white gown and when he isn’t at his clinic. I went to the dentist just so I could get my paining tooth cemented, but the news I recieved shattered my small heart and I started shivering when he started pulling out those tools not because I failed to draw them in primary but because sight develops imaginations, I saw myself screaming even before I could scream, I closed my eyes and all I could see was the injection.

The worst part was when he told me that I had to keep coming back for 3 consecutive weeks and when he said he will do a surgical procedure to extract the abnormally growing wisdom teeth tooth, my soul recieved a shock that either made me weak or strong, I am not yet sure, so I am to live these next few weeks cursing myself for having gone for root canal, I am to live these next three weeks thinking about those weekly mouth injections I am to recieve, sometimes I wish they still used the metallic injection like they did in 2005, it actually didn’t pain that much!

The dentist said I have to prepare myself mentally, and physically, as I search for the effort to prepare myself, I think I need a beer, because I almost can’t eat anything!

PS: Okay,but, I still hate dentists.



  1. Bambi… Didn’t Joseph tell you that beer is actually not only bad for your tummy but also the teeth? Next time you are at the Dentist’s, think nice things. Pretend you are somewhere nice- writing pieces that leave the world asking for more….Believe me, it works.

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