Working for the weekend

Most of us Ugandans are broke people, or so we refer to our money status, this is not because we don’t have jobs or because our pay cheques are not heavy; this is because we are born party animals. Not all of us of course but most of us. Our ancestors also had numerous unending parties and to them, every thing was a party like; beer parties, tea parties and whatnot, I bet they also had sleeping parties. “Blood is thicker than water,” these partying genes have been transferred from one generation to the other, and so we live with the character traits, basically, partying is part of us, unlike the whites, to us partying isn’t a lifestyle it’s a hobby and an active leisure activity.


But because we have to work all day every day starting Monday till Friday in most cases, we begged to differ from our ancestors, we set days to party and so we had a weekend. To me, a weekend starts Friday night till Sunday. We laid out a program to follow, and most of us stick to it, I bet this was laid out by the partying pioneers. We go to club on Friday night and we dance the night away, we sleep like night dancers through Saturday so we can dance the night away again, then on Sundays, we try to detox, so we go to the beach to eat fish and to swim in a lake, we pretend to play beach soccer but, own it, we are just pretending to play (whatever that means).  We cause Sunday traffic as we leave Entebbe because that’s where most of these beaches are located.  

We hate Monday’s, the day after Sunday after we danced the night away and ate fish, the day after a short leisure holiday of beer drinking, mass socialisation, and lake swimming. On Monday’s we are blanched and gawky, we have the prowess to hate on this day like it were our ex.


So it happens this year’s valentine’s happens to fall on one of these leisure days, on a Saturday to be precise. International lovers day, where people dress in specific colours like it was a carnival and nature cries of beauty plucked.


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