What makes me African?
What makes you African?
What makes us Africans?
What have we become?

Many questions yet few answers,
We crave for much yet less is worked for.
We talk more than we act,
We have become enemies of work.

We have become copy cats,
We are about to die
“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We have grown a hopeless desire,
For things from the west,
We claim to be modern,
Yet the ways of modernisation don’t depict ours.

Did our great grand fathers and mothers fight for nothing?
Did our ancestors pray to their gods for nothing,
What of the manners they instilled and so much preached,
They would strike us if they had a chance.

We are a shame to our own kind,
We fight each other instead of creating bonds,
We have become hurtless monsters,
Not different from the lion that hunts other animals.

Our values are diminishing,
Just like our dishes,
Just like our ancient hobbies,
Hide and seek and Omweso.

We live by stereotypes,
They define us completely,
And we fight men,
Instead of ideas.

Greed defines our path,
Africans and greed,
We are one.
Our ancestors are all together angry.

The lovely night bonfire’s,
The awesome beer parties,
The games and hunting of game,
The energy that flowed all day long.

We have become servants,
Of western interests.
We are still slaves,
Neocolonialism does that.

We have forgotten our music,
Our lovely beats,
Even our dances that many pay for to watch,
We call all of it ATS.

We have become prisoners,
We have imprisoned our selves,
We believe in the white man,
More than in our selves.

We are Africans,
Behaving like slaves and servants.
We are Africans,
That have forgotten their roots.

We teach our children western ways,
We teach them how to use these instruments
Of mass destruction and hate.
Socialising avoided.

Social media and laziness,
Unemployment and poverty,
If only we knew our worth,
The whites would want to know our secrets.





  1. Grandfathers rather than grandfather’s… I think this poem can get better. There are some two lovely verses though near the end. The idea can certainly be explored more.

  2. My brother from another mother. You got no idea about the excitement that grips my heart as I read your words poetically expressed. People like you are the future of Africa. You are the vessels through which Maama Africa speaks.

    Tambula Tambula

  3. I have read the article completely and i agree with it 95%. The problem with it is that it seeks to divide than join us as humanity. no black, african, europeon, american, asia…e.t.c. whatever category we use to isolate ourselves from others. 90% of african problems can be traced back to Poor governance. not colonialism. we here speaking and expressing in english for the entire world to understand what we are saying… friuts only available by colonialism. If we dont let go of the past and continue to blame everything on colonislism we will forever be stuck.

    we can collective blame technology. we are miss using it and loosing our values and different ways of communication. Some of your African can not imagine that in the United states of America their are place without cellphone signal or with homeless people, unemployment poverty e.t.c. these are not African problems these are global problems. So please have a macro view of the world united as one humanity so that when you solve a problem in africa the same solution can be applied to Assia, south america and Europe.

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