A little insight

I am the kind of dude that was born in the ending days of the hot month of January, long before the 21st century striked, literally speaking, tomorrow is my birthday and yes, the birthday fever is on.
I am still the kind of guy who lost too much a few years after I was born, I was 3 when dad passed on, and my heart, full of heaven was joyful instead of saddened during the funeral, actually it was the first time I event tasted the locally brewed “mwenge bigere.”
The words of a dying man are noted with alot of caution and understanding and so was the case in dad’s last hour, he kept whispering to granny and mummy and he kept smiling at me and my brother that when he went into permanent rest, atleast he was still smiling.
I am still the kind of guy who learnt that the world isn’t fair at an early age, I was taught that to be a winner, I must struggle, I was punished for being the second in class because granny always wanted me to be first, I was taught to be a leader from childhood, being the first grandchild, alot of expectations follow the title. In Buganda, there are many sayings, and in my days of childhood, these sayings defined my living and I gained alot of respect when I was still too litle to notice it.

I was supposed to be the first person to open the doors of the house or to get out of bed, attributed to the saying “omusajja teyeebaka,” which translates to ” a man doesn’t sleep.” It’s typical culture that a grand mother refers to his male grand children as “mwaami,” which translates to “man/husband,” once in a while,  I enjoyed the privilege that comes with being referred to as “mwaami.”
At an early age, I realised that everyone loves you not because they want to but because they want something from you. Born in a family of staunch believers, I was baptised pretty early and my journey to receiving Holy Communion commenced.

By age 14, I basically knew almost everything I needed to suceed in this cruel world, born under the president who still rules in my youth amd probably will still be ruling in my old age, life doesn’t have much to offer, I have seen times change from post office to e-mail address,  from asking directions to using google maps, from playing mind developing games like hide and seek to watching TV, I have seen people turn from kindness and pity full to being merciless and cruel, I have seen money gradually lose value and one leader who refers to himself as a revolutionary and the money holder.

Times are hard, things have changed, lessons have become harder to grasp, day by day every passing second something tragic or mysterious happens, we are only human, but we have learnt to blame ourselves for things we didn’t have a hand in or we didn’t expect to happen, change is inevitable and we are following the sway of the winds, where we are headed is tougher and we must brace our selves for uncertainty. The future is closed and open to only those who get the chance to get there, but men have lost the heart or help, and on that day, when Jesus does come back standing infront of the Mighty Judge, men will confess as others will tear endlessly, others will rejoice and all that will matter will be what we did to make a difference.


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