Imagination #80

Spring of hope and joy,
Winter eyes poised.
Teary with hope and doom,
Summer brown eyes shine.
The birds sing, of misery, The wooing laugh of a fox.
Trees shimmer with life
as Branches bare leaf.

Buildings elevate to sky line,
The upper ground pale with blue
Dark clouds combine and 
Water is formed, dropping.
Roads built on top of each other
Industries crowd the land,
Machines take on human jobs
As man make more of them.

Disease and death a constant
To life’s growing nature,
Change inevitable,
And we remain our own Aid,
In a generation of wealth and poverty,
Sufferings and joy.
Many tears and many laughs,
Of street children and royal babies.

Cries like labor pains,
All year every month.
From hot months to cold months
Love celebrations in February,
Birthdays and death days,
The sun stands tall
In a hot and golden coat,
And so, we breathe on.


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