My wish for you

This is about that time of the year that we all start meditating and thinking back,  memories of joy and sadness come in fresh, day 364. We start looking at the future,  as we gaze at those fireworks in the sky, the stars above, the pale blue sky in sight. We get to writing our new year resolutions, we set our minds to change for the better. And I believe we all need all the good luck there is.
This is my wish for all my followers, for all those who take time to read, for all those poets, armature and grown. A wish for all those out there, that know the power of words.

My wish for you is that your life might be filled with joy and happiness, that your heart may be filled with love and self reality. That life may be worth living, that any thoughts of suicide might not linger close, that you may have all you ever dreamt of.
My wish for you is that you may get that tatoo you always craved for, that you might learn to spell that word that confuses you, that you might get that job you so much wanted. That you might walk down the aisle with the woman/man of your dreams.
My wish for you is that this wish should last a life time, that even your grandkids might enjoy from the fruit of this wish.

Many of my friends have said, “2015, is a year of possibilities. “ yes, a year of possibilities.
For all those souls that haven’t made it into 2015, may the Almighty God in heaven look upon them with eyes of mercy and may they Rest in Peace. AMEN.

Thank you!




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