I open my photo album
Every morning,
Just to gaze at that one picture
Of you.
Dressed in black white,
A bow tie intact,
Gold earings apart,
With kissable rosy red lips,
Those eyes of gold,
Gazing back at me
And I, standing there
Like an aalii, and I wonder at
Your austere nature and love for me,
That vehement look on your face,
That look that
Makes me fall in love everyday,
ardently, my heart breathes on,
The hurt I caused you
Many years ago,
My vanity fails me yet again,
Silence ensues the vicinity
The clock ticks, the fire clicks
And I continue gazing at that
Studious smile, the look of
Then, I remember your soft touch
The smooth voice,
The diligence in your emotions,
Your perfume, unforgettable.
Then it occurs to me,
That I still love you,
But this time, like never before.
And if I could get floored,
I would say it all over again
That I love you.



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