Till the mausoleum.

I can’t forget that latterly,
On that murky afternoon
after Wednesday fortnight,
When I looked at you,
I, perennially hopeless
And you smiled,
A farewell to our friendship
This love I held in,
Love so strong and real.
You didn’t love me back,
That mauve-blue that my face turned
Got your spirits high,
O’the smirk on your face.
You hurt me indefinitely,
The pain through vein and bone.
And there you where,
Pacing with placidity
As you saw my heart break
My spirit grow frail and ill.
I never believed you were a fiend,
But a life revelation proved it.
Bulbous-shoed, you walked out of my life,
And my heart crumbled,
Into innumerable pieces
I screamed your name
In sonorous bass,
But you didnt even look back,
Omniscient of the moment
but not the future.
Years on years,
as my emotions
Deadened, you came back
Remorseful, and dead
On that miry morning,
When I saw your face
In a box of the dead,
My love dried and died
And to the
Mausoleum, your body we took.



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