I wish for me.

I wake up every morning
To face my fears,
When I take to the road,
Oh, that morning jog
I sweat through my shirt
And shorts.
To be healthy is to be wealthy,
Living by the punishments
Of the past,
The punishments of Adam and Eve,
History weighing tonnes on my shoulders
My heart wails, my blood boils
In a sombre state, my ears tear.
Not for joy, nor because of pain,
But for the being I am.
And for a moment,
I look back-,
Overwhelmed by sadness,
I take calculated breaths,
to cool my soul of anger.

Like many, I have dreams,
Dreams of love and peace,
Dreams of joy and success
But to win is not to live,
That I shouldn’t forget,
And my being prone to change,
I embrace every chain.
And I look up to the skies
All blue and white,
The rainbow standing tall and near,
Curvy to my cheeks,
And those day stars of wonder,
Make my heart go to ponder
For the beauty that lies before me,
Is what I wish for me.



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