After exams, what next?

I am pretty sure some university folks are done with end of semester exams, and many more are getting done tomorrow especially our comrades in fun filled Mukono. But, just like high school leavers, the only thing on the minds of most university students after exams is partying hard and getting dangerously inebriated. Its around this time that clubs all around Kampala and in the outskirts of the city start stocking hundreds of beer crates and shisha pots. Holiday season is here, the December breeze is welcoming and warm, and christmas is on the way, hell yah, partying should be on the list.


Should be on the list doesn’t mean it should crowd the list, I think we should try going to events that make us, events like the #standout #Phatfest event scheduled for tomorrow. We should be going to events where we get to know the people we meet online like the samsung Twitter party scheduled for 18 at Panamera instead of going to places where we can only meet a one night stand. Well as going to clubs for the different reasons we do it is necessary, these 2 theme based events shouldn’t be missed for a one night stand for they both are fun filled events.

Away from the too much FOMO on my mind, as university students trying to fight the high poverty and unemployment levels in our country the Pearl of Africa, we should be different from the many vacists loitering our streets day and night, we should stand out, we should dare to be different by doing things that help us develop ourselves, our careers and our dear nation. We should be the generation that has a faint inkling of how we want tomorrow to be like.
Getting a job in Uganda is very disturbing and is a tough job as well. But if we all could drop the act of trying to get paid and actually embrace the act of trying to be helpful to one another, only then can we forge a future in this country of visions.


Only if people can offer to be mentors to the younger generation at a free cost, if people can choose to clean the streets or visit orphanages,  if people can for once stop looking for jobs and instead create them, if people can follow their passions more than they chase after money, only then can we become an active youth generation fighting to achieve a goal.
After exams, there are better things to do than taking whisky at 10am, or getting home from a bar at 7am.
Human capital development should be our aim, self improvement our goal, and development our vision.
The semester is coming to an end, have you created a holiday bucket list, or are you giving in to sleep and to the comfort zone?

After exams, what next?

Ps. I wasn’t paid to market Phatfest or Samsung twitter party, I am just a concerned citizen!



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