Saturday night live

Back then, when I was still in an education prison, me and my buddies had a habit of talking all saturday night, we talked about guy code, the girls in our class, the girls in the school and we nicknamed those that we liked. The name giving part was the hardest but best part of the night, everyone in the dorm pretended to be asleep till this time of the night, and after a nickname had been dropped, the whole dorm would turn into a rackass, with crazy sleepy laughs in the dark.

Saturday night live was a revelation to us, a way of opening up, it was like a counseling session, except we were just 6 dudes covering up the fact that liquor was what needed but was illegal, we substituted liquor for a simple bedtime fun party. We became the heart of the school, we had teachers sneaking up on us just to have a listen to our formidable and regrettable sense of humour and craze, every one in school knew us as the brotherhood, we shared everything from secrets to brokeness, we had similar adorable dance styles, we were puzzles no one would crack and we were great brains. We were not clever but we knew what we wanted, we knew what we stood for, we had goals and visions that’s why we slept while others were hitting winter and to us, that was clever enough.

But then, boarding school is not different from prison or the hunger games(hmm), on top of being a place with a large high fence and many rules, everyone is fighting to get something(but not killing). We create our own fun, our character traits are a perfect mirror of what we feel and how we feel.
Our character traits don’t define us, they define our needs and wants and they define how boring our lives are until we start living. Saturday night live was a way of living life once more. Many people commit suicide not because they want to, not because they are cowards, but because they have no one to talk to, everyone seems so busy trying to make their lives a secret, not knowing it would save a soul. Everyone is trying to make money and get known, instead of helping someone along the way and remaining relevant, saturday night live showed us that we needed each other, that it’s okay to air out your views, that helping people is not an option but a requirement for success.

One night, every week when we made sleepy faces laugh and smile, when we defied all rules of a night out just to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of all those that listened to us, and it helped alot, we helped many students only minding their books to know that there is a life from books, that we needed each other, that it was fine to say something bogus once in a while, that success is for those that understand the art of sociality and team work, that secrets only eat us up bit by bit, that remaining relevant is better than being known.

Ps. We also talked about our future, what we were going to do after high school and we also argued alot about politics, governance, life, love and we advised each other every step of the way. We knew people were listening, but we also considered the fact, that they didn’t teach this stuff in class.

Pss. But still the naming phase is what still makes me laugh to this day. Oh God, the names we gave to people! Plus, we had a wide fan base. We got inspiration feom the all awesome and unforgettable Men TV show.




  1. Sounds much like what the babes used to have in their dorm at our school. Theirs was called ‘Decker’. A time to talk all that concerned guys. But I agree with you; school is much more than books and class sessions.

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