Most Fascinating Person I’ve Never Met

I have heard many stories, most of which are good and some of which are based on your wild side.
I have seen many pictures in which you were happy beyond words can explain. I still remember your touch, a soothing feel of a soft hand. I replay your voice in my mind countless times. Your words of wisdom lingering close, always available whenever I need inspiration or courage to push forward/ move on. I often pass through your gallery, full of portraits and wall paintings of granny & gramps,  your foxily nature made you the best.

Your prudence and sense of belonging made you a centre of attention,  your chumminess has earned me very many friends(friends of my father).
Your death startled the whole village, crowds of people came in rushing to have a last glimpse, I was only 3 then, but I thought you were just taking a nap, I recall coming by your side that afternoon amidst crying women, I lay by your side and felt at peace as I closed my eyes. Death had no meaning to me, it even never existed to me.

At a tranquil pace,
I shall go shod in silk,
More beautiful than the breast of a gull.
Asunder in fear,
Like a glamorous knight,
In windless peace & array,
With roses hanging over,
Surrounded by blossoming red,
Fare well dad.


Finally, I was able to write something for dad, only that, it all lies in my head, its all an imagination, from the many sweet dreams of my father that I have enjoyed… #RIPDad



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