Uplifted soul!

Seated here thinking of what to write and what to leave out. I am not that good at writing about myself, but well, am not a quiter so let me give it a try… if I get a bit emotional in here, please close your eyes☆

I am a single orphan raised by a single grand parent, owing to the fact that before dad passed on, he told granny to look after me and my lil brother, I was only 3 years, with a loving brother, an awesome mother and a great granny(great in all senses of the word).
Being an African, and a Ugandan Muganda, I was raised in a generation where a child owning a phone or having computer skills was an abomination, a generation where the old dictated over the young, they chose what we had to do, what we had to eat, how we dressed, how we talked, how we greeted and whatnot. And I am very glad I was raised in a generation of real life and fun, a generation full of people(not conmen and fake people).

Its in such a generation that my writing skills started manifesting themselves, when I started seeing beyond eyes could see, when a forest was nolonger a forest but an area of organised beauty with dancing branches and an awesome leafy carpet. But then, I didn’t even know anything about social media or it was still a dormant form of media. Long story short, I was accepted to hold a phone till secondary school age and I only touched a computer when I went for typing lessons, but, I taught myself almost everything I know about computers except the definitons. Hence, I used many notebooks in the past, many of which I destroyed last year as they left me naked, books where I wrote everything I thought and everything I wanted, books that contained my dreams and my goals, books that were a manifestation of my true self, exposing emotions and feelings(I dont regret ever destroying them).

I got introduced to social media not so long ago when I joined facebook, then twitter, then the rest, but its only last year that I started blogging, I was in a situation where I was about to explode, I had alot on my mind and I was looking for a medium of outreach, a way I could put it all out without fighting or fighting with the wall in my room. I started with writing poems, and I had zero followers, a few friends whom I referred to my blog through instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and whatsapp liked the few poems I had written. Then came my first classic, a poem for mama, after which I started publishing articles. Slowly, people started following my blog and liking my posts, it was a real hustle as I almost gave up, mostly because no one in my family ever took time to read what I wrote. Then I learnt the rule of life, ‘lower your expectations of people and disappointment will not be your neighbour’, I kept striving for greatness, till I got that email for #SocialMediaSummit.

Social media usage was at its peak just months ago in my vacation as I was a contributor and editor of some news blog(shikama) that currently only runs in Rwandese which I am not acquainted with. Then, I had to do alot of reading, facebooking, tweeting, just so I could be able to produce according to demand and growing trends. Its still in this period that met a lady, who became my mentor(Ms.Joselynn), a lady that has always pushed me to write and think out of the box, a lady that has emotionally, socially and spiritually uplifted me.

Then came the block, at 20 years of age! Literally, at some point I cried, I couldn’t imagine my life without writing, I couldnt even get to think of it as it frightened me to my bones. It was slowly killing me, and for weeks, my writing sense had died rather gone on leave, I tried out new things like jogging, going to gym, helping kids cross a busy road, helping the elderly, but all worked at a short slow pace, then came this hillarious bloggers challenge, a challenge indeed. This helped lift my burden and blur on creativity at a relatively fast pace, but only because I was willing to take on the challenge amidst my situation. Am glad I can now write and I am really grateful to the fellows who brought this challenge to us. And thanks to social media, my emotions and feelings are in the right place.

As a first year university chap, in a varsity known for silly strikes and ultimate success, Makerere, the journey has just started. Being a volunteer, I love helping others in any possible way and in a country where volunteers are rare and not appreciated, writing and social media is my new form of volunteering. And I will keep helping kids cross a busy road, I will give up my seat for the elderly,  and I will keep writing, even when I lose my memory, till the day I die, SO HELP ME GOD.

(I need a soda now, but gone are the days when soda was 500Shs.)




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