Learning never ends.

Mulling over this rampant writer’s block that has affected many Ugandan bloggers, I come to one conclusion, its the only excuse we have for not writing as often as we did in the past… Being the man my granny raised me to be, a fighter, I have to move on, drop the block, take a seat and take on the 2nd day of the challenge. Though, this is harder than I expected, but hey, what’s life without challenges?

With a sick intuitive caution, I turn to look at the lay behind me, a lady, yeah. Spitting on the street, I thought KCCA had passed some crucial and terrible laws that people in the city should abide by. (But, thats none of my business), last night, before I went to bed, I had told myself I would wake before the hens, and think about what to write, do some reading and scribble a few poems, unfortunately, the hens woke me. What has happened to me? I need no answer to that, atleast not now.

In the past(in high school), I read alot, especially towards exam period, just like most of you did. But I also read novels and books, take a pick, Ben Carson’s book, gifted hands. This book influenced me too much, to the extent that even when I failed my tests, I looked at gifted hands for encouragement and hope, putting in mind that hope is the last thing to die in man. Well, my life was so much like Ben’s, a poor single mother, and a slow but focused learner(yeah, slow learner) and I also had a very frightening temper, in an excessively lugubrious manner, I hated things that made others happy… So one day I killed a puppy, I run into the latrine(not toilet) and prayed, I guess I got fine, my temper is still frightening but I can control it. Basically Ben’s book influenced my life in many positive manners, but then it opened up my mind to many things. I got to realise that suffering wasn’t optional.

What is that one book that influenced your life in any single manner?
Mine is ‘gifted hands’




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