Talk about Poverty

I would love to talk about Africa as a whole, but Africa is so vast. So I decided to pull out one country, Uganda. Basing on the fact that Uganda’s problem are almost the same as those of other African countries.(one shoe fits all)

Uganda is one of the most poverty striken areas in Africa, amidst wealth of Natural Resources and very fertile lands. The lack of basic human needs in Uganda is on an increase.  This is mainly blamed on the fertility of women, rather the rapidly increasing population of the country and also blamed on corruption. Uganda is the 2nd most populated landlocked country after Ethiopia, but is well endowed with rivers like river nile and lakes like lake victoria, swamps are also to many though they are rapidly getting destroyed on grounds of creating more land for settlement and farming.
I hurts me too much to see that a country with soils so fertile,  a culture so rich,  and with a fruitful geography containing plenty of valleys, hills, mountains, hot springs, forests, water bodies and whatnot and with many natura resources including the recently discovered oil in the Albertine region, has a population so poor and vulnerable. Where the rich are very rich and the poor very poor. A country that has a system that has drawn a common visible line between rich and poor.

Poor infrastructure including roads and hospitals, poorly stocked hospitals, expensive medicines. Uganda and Africa are seen as the backbone of disease, some people even think HIV originated from Africa, even the recent epidemic of Ebola is reffered to as an African disease despite the fact that a few non Africans hage lost their lives.
In Uganda, there is an epidemic of jiggers especially in Busoga region.
There is starvation and malnutrition in Karamoja region, street children are eating from the rubbish pits in Kampala. In a country referred to as a food basket, a country where one can throw beans and they grow without weeding or spraying, people have died of hunger, others are starving and others are malnurished

Project implementation has been rated, sickening. In Uganda, project implementation is slow, mainly because we rely on foreign expatriates who charge wierd sums of money, nonetheless, we employ them, rather the government does. So Uganda has become a haven for expatriates by colour, every white is seen as an expatriate. But even then, project implementation is still on a low course. Generally Uganda and Africa at large are suffering from mismanagement of land, misuse of money especially Aid, poor human resource, sickening project implementation,  disease, conflict, lack of infrastructure.

Solutions in next article…



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