Circle of friends

I have lived a life full of struggles,  ups and downs and honestly speaking, apart from family, there are people I have to give some credit for being there for me always, through thick and thin, people who always push me to do things I couldnt have done otherwise, people who make me go an extra mile, people who will always pick me up whenever am down.
In life, these are people we call our angels,  people I cant go to bed without talking to, pillars of my life, my circle is small, but I maneuver wide, I have always left an impact on many people’s lives, through the coin I drop in donation boxes, through the coin I give the lady beside the street, through the years of volunteering.
‘It doesnt matter how many breaths you take, but how many moments have taken your breath away.’
True light, hope and inspiration.. There is alot of power surging in those eyes.


Flo, xo.
met you not so long ago, but we got alot in common, and you are honest, lovely and lovable.. your words are stronger than any nuclear weapon.


The writer who has no gas to write.. a brother from another mother… your simplicity moves me.


huh, here we are, and am at a loss of words, you have taught me too much, you have pushed me too far, not even distance can stop us. You are the master of thought, dont argue.


My little brother, the reason I never give up, the reason I fight so much to see you ahead, the reason I love yhue so much… Dad, would be so proud of you, element of beauty and cuteness, smartness and joy. You pioneered #striveforgreatness, it always challenges me. Your smile is a sign of cool…


Many others that dont appear here are key elements to growth, lizze, Jordana, Best, Tracy, Sylvia, Trevor, and my mentor Ms.Joselynn who actually helped me through writer’s block… if the world had many of you, it would be a place worth living, a place worth smiling in, a place with no wars…




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