Sex: The African cliche

A facebook friend of mine posted something of the sort…

“one of the biggest challenges we have in africa is parenting! We simply have gotten it wrong at many levels. The issue of sexuality and relationships between males and females is cluttered with all kinds of stereotypes and fears. We train our children to be afraid of their sexuality. We call sex organs and anything related to sex all kinds of names that smell inuendos..”animal”, etc. We make sex such a big deal, almost a taboo that inevitably we spur our children’s curiosity to explore this hidden act.”



Its so confusing and disappointing how we conduct ourselves around our kids and society. In the 80s, many Ugandans were lost to a new scourge of AIDs then, because it was a disease associated to an issue we never speak of in public.  Until the early 90s when the first adverts were heard on radio mentioning the word condom(and some parents shutting their kids ears to this abomination) did we start talking openly about it and how it was spread. Our culture supposed its better we died in silence than utter “ebitayitika mukamwa,” words that can’t pass through the mouth.
Meanwhile, many people died mainly not because of the disease but because of the stigma and social quarantine imposed on victims by family, relatives and friends. There was no awareness, people thought it was some kind of flu that was airbone.


Uganda is one of the few sub-saharan Afeican countries that has adopted abstinence-only sex education as an approach of sexual eduction that emphasises abstinence from sexual intercourse until marriage as the only option or solution to youth unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDs rapid spread. This type of sex education doesnt involve safe sex practices and family planning, this is very wrong.
In a changing generation as this one(21st), kids already know alot from the internet hence, abstinence ceases to be the only viable solution to early pregnancies and AIDs spread. Unfortunately,  parents are even against sex education. Sometime back when the president was addresing the nation, he told school heads to be careful what international NGOs teach children on the topic of sex.


Not talking about condom use and family planning has provoked the instincts of the youth in this generation. General knowledge teaches them that there can not only be one solution to a problem so vast, yet we(parents and teachers),only provide the abstinence till marriage solution.
I know, we fight to preserve our cultures, but that is actually one of the reasons as to why population in Africa is on a boat cruise.  I also know that talking to a certain category of people is like pocketing while naked(they aint willing to hear you out)especially the old folks of our country… sex education is a must, there is a difference between sexuality and sex.
And surely parents should get some parenting lessons.




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