My take on love♡

Love, most times symbolised by the heart(♡), is something that makes us human. The problem is that love aint tangible, its just like a software embedded into the human heart and soul to bring about pain, joy, and something sexual(maybe). I for one have suffered at the hands of love, I have been heart broken, I have been hurt, betrayed, lied to. I have cried, shouted, fought with the walls, filled my pillow with tiny words and tears. But love always comes back, love is that special thing that will give you hope when all hope is lost, assurance that someone else really cares about you.


All men will always be hurt at the hands of love, even Jesus was hurt when he was betrayed, but the hope to love again will never be lost, it might diminish, but cant be lost… hope is the last thing to die in a man.
Many times I am taken aback by the multitude at which love controls me, love is the reason we have a conscience, we even possess that small speaker/person within us that tells us what to do and what not to do. Only that we rarely listen and trust.


In life, we should learn never to be afraid to give our hearts to someone else, give your heart out but dont give your life out, love isn’t exogenous,  hence originates from within our being. Keep a few things to your self, get married if you will or buy the book ‘100 reasons to panic about getting married.’ You can cheat on your wife or you fiance, you can lie to your parents but whatever you do, its entirely your choice.


I was once that dude who couldnt settle down with one girl, because of my previous encounters with love and girls and partially because of my friends. Then I realised, the more you cheat, the more you get cheated, action and effects are equal but opposite. The more I hurt, the more I got hurt, so I stopped and my life has never been the same everafter.
Long and short of it, love is what keeps you going, dont lose your humanity and surely dont even think of losing the gift of love, for if you do, you are totally doomed, not even favebook can save yhue.


I got to realise, I have some people who love me, no matter what, people who get hurt whenever I do something crazy, friends, family and the people I hurt. And for all those souls that have gone under my sharp sword before, I am truly sorry for having played with your emotions and feelings.


Yours Davis!



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