Better safe than sorry

Looking on my wish list, or rather my university shopping list, alot comes into my mind. I mean alot*shakes head in confirmation* well, there are things that might be missed but shouldnt be. Take an example of a packet of protection(condoms). Saint or not, somenthings are inevitable and inexplicable, anything can happen, its better you are on the safe side than cursing and wishing you were. AIDS is real and it surely kills. So be wise and make protection your friend.. Better safe than sorry!

Here is the moment many of us get to be kinda independent. University time, and here you are, going to a university where striking is like sleeping(on a schedule),what happens when your fellow students start rioting? Do you join them or run away to safety?
Do you want to act spider man or superman(whatever suits you)? Exposing your healthy self to lacrymator  and rubber bullets or real bullets or even pepper spray. Avoidable accidents, risk of losing your sweet life over what? Dirty toilets, bedbugs in the halls, food? Is it worth your life? If it isnt, run away to safety. You might be called a coward but, life is short to begin playing with. Better safe than sorry!

Now on the point of love, many refer to it as temporary madness, and so do I. Others are happy to be part of this insanity. The pride that comes with it, let alone the craziness that love emits. Many get hurt but still go back to it, craving like a hungry dog. Thats how bad this isanity goes, keeps me wondering, what the hell do people think they are doing when they claim they are in love before 25. Kids, have watched many movies and they think love comes easy. I have a friend who saw a pretty girl in a supermarket,  he knowingly knocked her and she dropped her stuff,  hoping for a good movie love begining, a sweet slap he won himself.
Put your heart in a cage and strongly chain it, have fun but dont dare fall in love, its a trap. Better safe than sorry!



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