Would you?

So I woke up this morning feeling blessed and loved, one thing am not sure of is whether I woke up on the wrong side, right side or middle of the bed. Well, waking up to a cruel world where people are killing each other mercilessly doesnt come easy, and there are those that choose to kill themselves,  its like suicide but a slow way of dying. HIV it is, unprotected sex is one of the recipes and early pregnancies is one of those effects.

With the growth of social media, online shoping, free delivery of goods and fast service of Google and reduction in the cost of smart phones, you would expect many people especially in urban areas to be well prepared and versed with protection techniques.
Talk about curbing increased birth rates and population growth. Unfortunately, circumstances are not as they seem, people in urban areas fear to walk into a clinic and buy a packet of protection. In this century where protection is packed in a small box and has a money value, things are expected to be easier.

Who is to blame? Its not the victim, that am sure of. On many occasions,  I have seen young girls in clinics, probably because they know the names of the medicines. But how on earth do you walk up to a 15 year old and buy a packet of condoms or pills,  the system is out of order, some things just can’t be done.
Abroad(outside Uganda), condoms are free, free goods are easier to get since they are in excess supply, but can such a system work in a country where most people are either political, money minded or food minded?

Would you buy a packet of condoms from a 15 year old?



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