Night tales

Every night, I made it a habit to watch a movie. So I  watch my movies till 11pm, then I tune in, tune to fm and listen to these country songs, songs of love, songs of hope, songs of joy, songs of meaning, songs of reality, poetic songs.
I must confess, its these songs that keep me going,  taking away all the days stress, preparing me for a peaceful rest, well adding the prayer I pray to the one above all, My Lord God.
Small poems I write,  inspired by my late nights,  the voices of great men, phil collins, Ken Roggers, to mention a few. A voice that reminds you that you still have to live another day nomatter what.

Unlike crazy nights, when I used to flirt around with anonymous girls online, when i texted people all night,  when I didnt have a goal to focus on, when I was a young boy,  when we grow up, responsibility starts piling up on us,  we statt to realise that life has more to offer than gazing and wishing, and when those night tales come in, I always put in mind that change is inevitable, and I set a new goal for each day… the night tales guided me, one daily hour of country music changed me.



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