I hate Monday’s

I wake to the sound of the screaming alarm with a sick intuitive caution. Right out of a lovely nightmare, from a land full of roses and lilies and a scent so captivating, a breeze so fresh.  For a moment, I had forgotten all about global warming and deforestation(the evils against nature). The cold of the night, it is 5 in the morning and I cant get out of this freakin silky sheets and my lovely dull coloured duvet. Reasons I hate Monday’s or may be I should be jealous because they are hated by many others(#ihatemondays). Nevertheless,  I have to force myself out of bed, look at my self in the bathroom mirror… aww, what a sight?


In an excessively lugubrious manner, I hate the sight of men in these faddy tight jeans, call them skinnies, but well, am so taciturn, its a bright hatefuly awesome Monday morning.
The fact that I am not drunk in thought is so inadvertent and my sense of reticence is interspersed. Planning to pass by the tailor’s on my way to office(not my office) jhus so I can pick my new bespoken Manchester jersey, shirt number MH17, not because I am a happy soul but because I am mourning with the world for the loss of 298 souls aboard the B777 that got shot by terrorist. May the souls of all those 298 rest in Eternal peace. AMEN.


The state of my mind is shy and devastated, with tear filled eyes, I weep for all the lives lost in Gaza, those dead in Kenya, Ugandan lives lost in the Bundibugyo saga, those that have lost their lives to HIV, Starvation,  mistreatment and war… most of all to #Keron, only son of a Ugandan socialite #Juliana Kanyomozi, May their souls be uplifted and share the heavenly banquet.

The monday just got started.. yeah, its jhus starting.. ohh this day, full of weekend memories!


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  1. Awesome…sad story though

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