Ugandan dare devils

Many call them bullets, bajaj or jaj. Formally known as , motorcycles. These small machines,  rather motocylces are a menace on our Ugandan streets. If you own a car with sensors, you definitely know what I mean, that endless beeping sound because a jaj is on your trail. These death monsters commonly ised by students to dodge through traffic, they also have an advantage of population reduction as many people have lost their lives to the devils, others have lost their legs while those who have lost their minds are in hospitals, some others continue to use the mode of transport. Cheap and deadly it is, that boda boda.

OH UGANDA! From the piglet saga at parliament, to the bomb saga at forest mall and the misplaced camouflage, to the Bundibugyo saga. I appreciate the fact that the government doesn’t want to create panic among the masses, so they will do all they can to try and fool us in this situation.  Sorry, harm has already been done. I am scratching my mind thinking like a philosopher, and saying no it aint true, these aint land wrangles. Otherwise, how do men carrying pangas, spears and arrows shoot soldiers carrying guns, it just doesnt make sense, unless they had guns or there is presence of a terror group like ADF in the vicinity. MAY GOD UPHOLD THEE!!

#PayMe96Mn,  I join my hands in prayer with Munyagwa mubaraka, call him a commedian, but he fights for a true cause. The fall of the government it is, with bush prayers… because they passed through the bush to conquer power. Otherwise, It is totally obscene for someone to earn more than his boss, let alone earn 96 million a month with the current disease, poverty and starvation.. unless it is me earning that…


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