Being Ugandan is hard work

In a country that emphasises patriotism to the extent of introducing it as a club in various schools, using a title like the one I have used is realistic. It all begins with getting born in the country, it has a lovely environment and awesome people but leaders who are best referred to as swine or M-pigs(members of parliament). Greed is part of the menu and sleeping or meditating,  is the desert. Lying to the voters is a greeting(its done daily), and promising is like going to sleep(you can’t dodge sleep). In a country where being a leader is a job not a service and embezzling public funds a reward not a crime, being a citizen is really hard work.

A country that has leaders who do little research before endorsing any bill or even making the budget. Where the poor are extremely poor and the rich extremely rich. A country that would rather import labour than train its citizens to provide that labour. Where the old plan for the future that they might not even see(vision 2040). Where few people can’t even sing the first verse of the national anthem. A country where a national body can charge a national body( NWSC charging Mulago hospital water bills). And all this is blamed on the government,  but this is a country where most of the illiterates know president Museveni as the government.

It breaks my heart that millions are being wasted in Sudan yet many Karamojongs are dying of starvation in karamoja. Its not that I am heartless, but am being realistic, its written somewhere that dont tell a neighbour to clean his house before you clean yours. Where does Uganda get the capacity to help other countries yet its nationals are in agony. Well as many are happy for the new president of the UN, its only his family and those few people who shared his dollars that have really benefited from this promotion, otherwise congas comrade.
All said, this is our country, the banana republic, the pearl of Africa, one of the few countries to have a field marshall for a president, Idi, a man who dreamt and acted. The only president who believed in the saying “actions speak louder than words.” And to all my moslem comrades, blessed Ramadhan.    #ihatemondays  #daviskawalya


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  1. wagalinda says:

    Nd pipo wonder y I love USA more Dan any other country in dis world….@wagalindachuck

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