Goverment’s master plan to reduce unemployment

And every time I look at a job offer, my eyes fall on a 10 year work experience requirement, I always ask my self, “when will unemployment be stormed out if the country is full of youths who spend 16 years in school?”
Its hillarious how after 16 years, a chap is already 20 and thats before university is put in the equation. Then after university, the fellow is approximately 23, and he is expected to have a 10 year working experience. From where? I dont know. With such contemptible arrangement, nthe government has hope but not a plan to reduce on the level of unemployment by increasing taxes.

Little do they know that with increase in taxes, many employers are planning to reduce on their workforce but cutting off a few employees. The disadvantaged are those that follow the rule of specialisation as manyof the are single skilled, yet Uganda needs a multi skilled hustler or gentleman. With the current trend of events, high level of poverty, starvation, unemployment,  corruption should be expected, this makes our lovely Uganda highly indirectly unstable and prone to war, demonstrations, theft, mass deaths and appearing occasionallly on CNN or Aljazera.

Sometimes, i wonder, does the government even carry out any research before coming to conclusions? We overlook the basics, the small things yet they are the things that really matter.
I have worked in a school before and fees changes with change in economy, if sugar goes high, expect fees to do the same.  And now, schools are being taxed, this means few parents will be able to take their kids good schools like New Hormisdallen Kirinya or even Ntale where many big dogs attended their high school.
The number of those forced into early graduation(like the lizard would put it), will cruise from the current 700,000 to an estimated 900,000 come next term and worse next year. Thats the government’s plan to reduce unemployment,  improve education and develop Uganda. Its indeed an incidious process.    #daviskawalya



  1. Uganda is wat I wld cal a selfish ctry…..a ctry meant for de rich… poor hia will always b trash nd suffer de consequences nd am wit u….I doubt our MPs or analysts do research b4 thy reach any conclusions….kip writin davis

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