thoughts and thinking

Everything in your world is created by what you think.
-Oprah Winfrey
There’s little in this world that we truly believe, many things contradict themselves, religions, people, feelings and governments. It all comes down to one thing, our thoughts. The way we think of something either makes it good or bad, we all see life from a different perspective because we all are different. The rich, the poor see life differently, the rich think life is all about money, the poor know that its all about what we love. But one thing is the mediator. Death, yes death is the mediator because whether rich or poor, we all go back to dust, its not destiny, its not fate, its not nature, it is how it is supposed to be, proof that we all are equal in the eyes of Allah/ the Creator.

What you think of basically dictates what you often meet or get. If you think negatively, you will die complaining, if you think trying anything ain’t worth it, you will never see the light of success. If you think death is a joke, wait till it gets you, if you think God exists so He does in your life, if you think He doesn’t exist, then He doesn’t exist in your life.

Oprah said it well everything is created by what you think, be it love, hope, hate, sadness, joy, happiness. This is confirmation that your mind is a creator of sorts, an inventor of ideas, decision maker. Your brain literally does all that you can and cant imagine from seeing, feeling pain to experiencing love. But don’t be fooled by all that you see or hear and don’t even give a damn about what others think. There thoughts are their own and so are yours, you shouldn’t be moved by people hating you, it happens. If you aint loved, you aint the first to feel that way, and if you have enemies, thank Lord you do, simply means you have achieved something in life.

Most of all, learn whatever you are taught, follow your heart, listen and learn principle must be key and be a positive thinker, be proactive not reactive and always try to think straight so you never have to regret any decision you made or the route you took. Your life is all about you, but what you think is far more important than what you get. #daviskawalya



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