Ugandan comfort zone

If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride, this is the right quote for the current situation in Uganda. Many boda riders cursing their leaders for sleeping in the state of the nation address and in the budget reading, “ if I were a leader, I wouldn’t sleep on TV. I would sleep in a serena chair but not on TV,” so most of the boda riders decide to grab a few yellow shirts and go pick up the President of AU from the airport who then pays them in dollars, rather than shillings like this is America, well done President Sam Kutessa. Well, many boda men are suffering in hospitals, many mistakes due to clumsy mistakes, I was told there is a boda ward in some hospitals, looks like encouragement for accidents.

The issue of Ugandans enjoying their comfort zone, is one of the reasons as to why poverty is a major clause in the bill of the unemployed. Reasons as to why the Kenyans are referred to as very hard working in Uganda, getting more nice jobs than the country owners known as nationals. Crying is all the nationals do, and using the very lovely slogan of gavumenti etuyambe, the nationals are too lazy to do anything for themselves. People who have been school don’t want some jobs because they are swaggerific, those willing to work don’t have the opportunities or the chance to do so. Life seems to be unfair to many, but we all need a developed Uganda and development has its effects. For development to fully occur, there must be an impact felt by people from all walks of life, rich and poor alike, this is manifested in the negative response the budget got, the state of the nation address was also negatively welcomed.

Waking up is one thing most Ugandans have failed to do, sleep, is the best friend of the lazy and laziness is a character trait of those that have fully benefited from the Ugandan education system. The system helps us note that holidays aint meant for work but for resting and watching to all movies that they missed, volunteering is seen as a curse or a punishment just like internships are greatly hated yet paid for. Facebooking and whatsapping is all many can do either at work or at home. Tweeting is for the few who love information, so they say. Watching soaps or telemundo movies, is a sign that one has a tv, some ladies are forced to only visit shops that have a television set in some corner for public optical nutrition. It here that many don’t know the principle of don’t spend more than you earn, debt is a brother to many. Debts pilling every now and then and the chap has a dream of ever succeeding, which aint bad but unrealistic.

The love for free things has left many in tears and a few injured, recently the president gave his MPs money to give to their supporters thanking them or preparing them for the harsh budget that is meant to recover all those millions they spent on the local person. Many fought for the shs 5000 that was being given out and many got injured in the process of fighting for the Nations tax. Many others have been defrauded because they have hopes of getting rich early, through campaigns by companies  and betting centres where money is not refunded once collected either through phone or physically, others who tried investing in scams like telex free also gained their share of laziness, an equal but opposite payment when the company filed bankruptcy going with many millions of shillings.

Nothing in this world is free, unless its from your mum or dad or some few trusted relatives, other wise how can a friend tell you he got you a highly paying job in Dubai and you quickly pack your bags even without doing a little research, then when you get to heaven, rather Dubai, you start sending distress signals back home that you are mistreated and underpaid. Who is to blame for such sagas?    #daviskawalya     #toldinbits*2




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