heal the world


Michael’s heal the world song must be a big inspiration to the people of these times, the 21st century, owing to the fact that there are many wars, diseases, tones of poverty and lots of unemployment in the universe. Many people are suffering at the expense of the others, well as Michael is known for illuminati, those unconcluded accusations that add nothing to our development. His music speaks for him, we should look into our hearts, there are many people embezzling funds, funds that would have been used to help many other people, the slogan “ for God and my stomach,” commonly used as I was a toddler, now am a youth and the same saying is still being used in different circumstances. If the beat changes, so should the dance, unfortunately its not the case in this century, the mystic slogan, “each man for himself,” is the reason we shall continue saying what a pitty?


Yesterday as I was passing through my daily blogs, I fell on a blog that was titled ‘ thank the rich for their generosity. Says rich guy…’  well as the rich are trying to donate to the poor, even the middle class people like me and you should start giving the little we have to the needy, in hospitals, on streets, in orphanages and many other places. Many legit organisations have come up to help bring people together so as to achieve a common goal, I have personally joined the catholic climate covenant whose slogan is care for creation. Care for the poor. This is a project of the Catholic coalition on climate change, this provides people a chance to take the St. Francis pledge, to care for creation and the poor.

Then, there is the live below the line campaign for restless development. This is a movement of thousands across the world who live below the line so as to end extreme poverty, through anti-poverty projects.

Then the recent charity concert that is going to take place in Uganda, this is where men and women celebrites have joined effort to help reduce on the number of infant and mother deaths in the country, through singing, they have put the message out there.


With few encomiastic people supporting the efforts of NGOs, they buck to achieve their goal of helping as many people as they can movements such save the child. I believe that the tyke of this generation are capable of influencing colossal change leading to development and people problems like poverty, starvation and death. Helping other people is a cinch that many can afford to do if only they love to see change or a smile on another persons face, believing that the tad that your help can bring is great enough to influence change in the world


Its injudicious to let others let alone see others suffer as we get inebriated in expensive bars and hotels. Life also has rules and regs and one that I caught by heart ‘give and you’ll be given.’ Giving and receiving are given in equal measure by the man above(God),  politics is only tentacular, and we shouldn’t expect the government to come out and help each and every needy soul, rather we as the nationals have to come out and help ourselves, lest development is a dream so far like vision 2040, a blur indeed.


You wouldn’t die if you and your comrades donated shs.10,000 if you can, if you cant, it wouldn’t hurt you to donate a few old clothes to the needy instead of burning or throwing them. And it would really be great if you and your comrades engaged in active leisure like volunteering to clean a hospital wing, for the world to be a better place, it should be a joint effort, me, you and the rest… i have done what i can, what can you do for a better Uganda?  #healtheworld    #daviskawalya   #toldinbits*3

Ps RIP Michael Jackson, an agent of change and love.



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