Ugandan lives (tip of the ice berg)

My opinion

Well as many souls are waking up at weird hours to go and line up at MUK so as to pick application forms for academic year 2014/2015, and others making long lines to drop back the forms, same lines made by those that have gone to register for national ID, the president of Uganda wants to dismiss some courses that he deems unmarketable. Sometimes, I wonder when the president became an educationist or a professor, then I come to remember, he can almost do anything crazy, Idi Amin Dada made himself field marshal.

The issue of the minimum wage has turned heads, and many Ugandans want the price to be revised and enacted as soon as possible. Many experts like the president and the minister of labor greatly advise against it saying it only favours the employed and puts the unemployed at a disadvantage, but hey, the few employed aint loving their salary. And they seem to forget that even without minimum wage, the level of unemployment is on a steady rise against job formulation and creation just like the defence budget that is unexpectedly rising , I think its time the government really understood the weight in the statement “gavumenti etuyambe.”

The Kiwanuka Budget, rather national budget, has affected the normal and average Ugandan. Well as the president claimed a rise in the nations economy, that just ink but not the real thing. Many Ugandans are crying, millions have been displaced by over flooding in kasese and many more by the common Bududha issue. people couldn’t afford sugar before, what makes you think they can afford it now. This is a vicious cycle, it all comes back to the parent or peasant not to the man with a weighty belly earning from sleeping on national TV. Increased sugar prices and whatnot dictates increase in school dues, meaning few parents will take their kids to school next term or next year. The economy is greatly falling, the poverty line reducing on a daily basis. A nation with many resources and clumsy dozy leaders is a dead nation.

How many promises have been fulfilled? Most politicians in Uganda have become liars, manifestos have lost meaning and so have fair elections, if there has ever been one apart from the current Luwero  by election, I mean, even Badru Kigundu slept off. Its like they all signed up to simply sleep. Well this is confirmation that we have many old people in the system, and they are too tired that they show it on national TV. Seems the presidents nominates leaders using the ancient principle that died with my ancestors many years ago “obukulu magezi…” forgetting this is the iphone century.. conmen shouldn’t be imprisoned, because even our leaders are liars, the lie to earn a living and that’s exactly what the con men also do, difference is that politicians engage in what we call cooperate fraud. Big difference, the cry of the peasant or the street beggar aint put into consideration and the president calls himself a revolutionary, its soon losing meaning just like the state of the Nation address.

I give my utmost thanks to the whoever was behind the making of UBC a world cup TV, makes me remember Gashumba, father of NTV presenter Shiela Gashumba whining about his kid not getting the award that was scooped by the UBC MC Talha, he was like a cry baby lamenting on how UBC is never watched, well, you just proved him Wrong. leggoo world cup, this cant be a political move. but just like the Hitler of Uganda, President Museveni is a fan of sports.

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