attitude is key to succeeding


I have been reading about affiliate marketing, honestly am fascinated by many things and marketing is one of them. Am inspired by the power that comes with marketing a product or a person. Well, call me a bookie but at least, I put my mbs to use in the right sense, instead of porn or movies, I divert such mbs to reading about something that I can gain from. Not because I am a Catholic but because my attitude towards life is real and not circumstantial or based on movies. So as I was reading through some affiliate marketing pdf, I fell on something that aroused a lot of interest in me, setting goals in manageable bits. Well as many people want to climb the ladder of success, there are simple basics that we always ignore, I must admit that the road to success, like a river has many meanders, falls and pot holes that we all must endure if we ever have hopes of reaching half the ladder of success


In a book that I was set to write, but unfortunately failed to complete, I mentioned somewhere that, asking is one of the most ignored tools to success. We fear to ask because of our attitude towards fear. We fail to ask because we fear to look stupid or hopeless, we think we are on a high horse in life, we fear to be laughed at, we fear to be ignored. But this fear keeps us closed in, behind the curtains, making sure we never see the light of success. Be happy, am here to help with that.


Setting goals in manageable bits simply means you have to set your goals with a vision and a mission to guide you through. Hope is also a major element that’s not supposed to be left out, set goals that are achievable and within your scope of talents and skills and passions. Put a time frame on all your goals and in this game, giving up is not an option, its death, but most all, to avoid giving up, be ready to ask as many questions as you can, even if you are tagged foolish, silly, stupid or even ignored. Don’t accept peer gas to push you off the track you set, and be ready to set your records and break them again, be an agent of change, change your attitude towards life, money and success. The most successful people weren’t born lucky, most of them suffered more than you and I have suffered, they created their own luck and you can do the same.


Life is far more complicated than you think, but why look at the complexities of life. Many things happen daily, some we know and some we don’t, how far we have gone is not determined by how much we already know but by how much more we are willing to learn. Developing an attitude can really be awesome, but make sure the attitude you develop doesn’t out smart you leading to a tunnel of darkness with no sign of light. Life is complex in many ways, in the Bible they say money is the root of evil but we go ahead to give it as offertory in church, but we never ask why, because in life, we don’t really have to know why, but we really have to know how. Your attitude says a lot about you. quoting one of the people that really inspired me,”if you dont like something, change it. if you cant change it,change your attitude.”-Maya Angelou



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