betrayed by those we chose

You wake up one morning and you have been betrayed by your best friend, if he even deserves the title. There are things that happen to we humans, that make us change our opinions, trigger reactions and decisions in our lives. They are equally things that make us lose hope, things that we don’t expect to happen but they do, like sudden death reigns on earth, so does sudden rain. You greatly anticipate to watch the state of the nation and address and all you see are your leaders sleeping, dozing or chewing cud. The state of the Nation address is information meant for the public by the president because its constitutional. All this is betrayal, betrayed by those we look up to, our leaders. Its our leaders who embezzle money, look at Kazinda, he has a house that has many rooms because he is a thief.(sorry if his son reads this which I doubt because he is too busy doing online shopping from wallmart)

You apply to do a course at university and the next day as you attentively watch the news, you see and hear tourism officials gladly announcing how they are to employ a foreign PR firm to do the job of awareness of the blazing tourism industry in Uganda to the outside world. Billions of shillings at stake. Yet you can employ the same firm to teach and mentor Ugandan PR (public relations)agents so as to keep the job market entirely for Ugandans  for generations to come hence saving billions of shillings, reasons unemployment is on a high rise and so is poverty. The education system needs to be sieved, but how do you expect that to happen when many of our leaders’ kids study from abroad, these guys don’t give a damn about the system as long as there salary goes onto their accounts on time.

Well as Idi Amin Dada is one of the very few people that are detested and greatly hated by the old men and women of Uganda mainly because he believed in his dreams rather than in his ancestors, he trusted himself more than he trusted his advisers. He reached an extent of being known as the Hitler of Africa, he staged a coup while his president and friend Obote was in Singapore. Well as the economy of the country greatly declined, he had his country at heart. In Amin’s time, a teacher was highly paid, because they are the true background of a bright future. Anyone who stole public funds apart from himself, faced a risk of instant death. He chased the Asians just so that his fellow country men could also get jobs, thus a decline in the levels of unemployment.

Don’t get me wrong, am not suggesting that the president of current Uganda should also commit crimes against humanity, but the President should get up and start improving the country from the roots not the branches. Motivate the teachers, then you will get the many science students you want, piss them off and few people will make it on the law list of Makerere, a once great institution now mainly known for striking over lecturer-student sagas. Leave a mark on the nationals and you will not have to teach patriotism in highschool. We should stop copying other countries, we should simply borrow a leaf. We have been betrayed by those we chose. A friend of mine yesterday asked me a qn, One that I want you to answer,

How can the education system be changed, let alone improved if most of our leaders take their kids abroad?     #daviskawalya


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