V’ gems

In the growing Africa, many youngsters have come up to do thinngs that only the elders engaged in while the young were in school or being taught to hunt. Well, the fight to make Africa a better place has already started, bringing alot of African value through jewellery… handmade depicting many African values and using African resources for the African and foreign market.

V’ gems is a small company,  mainly of one teenager who loves art and fashion. An undergraduate female putting her knowledge to use, female emancipation through simple ways that are fair, other than the free 1.5 points given at university.

At V’ gems, you simply place an order and your order will be made and delivered. Its more like online shopping, only that its a bit faster and doesnt involve wastage of data looking for what suites you.
Jewellery for any occasion and for any body…. feel free to check us out on our facebook oage and be sure to leave a like. http://m.facebook.com/philvivicti
Ps. I wasn’t paid to market V’ gems, I am simply fascinated by young talent.   #daviskawalya


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