Princess of sorts (my heroes)

Yesterday was heroes day and many people had many heroes,  some of my colleagues have a habit of writing our heroes every month and we drop them in a box for future reference, ie . heroes day. So on the D day, we open the box jhus to see which people topped the lists, I must agree that we all but our friends as heroes and even thise few people that made news in the previous months. Well as Andrew Mwenda appeared on most lists, him being an inspiration, Jeniffer Musisi and Kahinda Otafiire topped some lists owing to the awesome representation of team no sleep in the recengly concluded state of the Nation address as aired on national TV.

I must admit that we all have those special persons that we deem to be heroes,  our self proclaimed heroes. The peoplemwho we look up to, those who inspire us, motivate us and whatnot. Then there comes the people who make life worth living, people who are always there through thick and thin, our real friends, fit to be our blood. Our pain is there’s and so is our joy, they care to know how we slept or how we spent our day, they make sure you smile in those so dense and sad moments, not because we do the same for them but because they care that much. I havemy own list of heroes, so do you. People like Hatma, Alistair,  Phlorence, Lizze, Vivianne, Stella, Jordana, Patrick, Alexa, Angella, Chero, Bretty, Maliza, Phocus, my brother Dagga, Trishcole, Milla, Sheila, Olga, Annette  etc, et cetera.  Many of whom have even never read my blog, but heroes because they read my heart.

Then , there comes the people who care to see you prosper, people who care to advice and encourage at no cost, my mentor Ms.Joselynn, granny and gramps.  People like Keron, the author of #fodexpressions blog @illbert, and all those who inspire,  motivate and unite people.

This article is a tribute to a princess of sorts, the lady that I met not so long ago but has seen me through tough times, reminding me of the existence of hope, fuelling the dimming candle of faith, believing in me even when I cant believe in my self, encouraging me when my next card is to stop trying.  She is a princess of sorts, a queen if you will/must, a lady of unique beauty and intelligence, epitome of hope and faith,  Gracy Timie , you top the list of my heroes and you are a princess of sorts. Strong, courageous,  respectable, honest, lovable, loving, inspirational, among other… b3ing different is a trait inborn, reason I celebrate a day after the rest are done celebrating. #daviskawalya


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  1. grace timy says: awesome Shawn. u always kn.hw 2 put a smile.on my face & i will always be thea 2 support & guide wereva i cn. This means alotttttttt.u med my day wth all smiles.

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