nature of the Nation

Sometimes it breaks my heart to cry foul. As the president is boasting and lamenting about economic growth, many youths are totally unemployed. Just like the jigger problem that is expected to claim six million Ugandans, unemployment has become a major factor in our society, not mentioning poverty, which like HIV has attacked half of the human population in our mother land… many billions of shillings have been swindled by those we put in office, other billions used in military expeditions and no account is given, while more money is put in purchasing vehicles for our beloved leaders who simply sleep off in the state of the Nation address and aint ashamed of being shown on National TV. As others use the tax payers money to buy chewing gum and go ahead to chew like toddlers, rather cows in a dry land.


Our beloved president, not only didn’t he speak of education as a major factor, he simply hinted on the subject. With more than 400,000 students graduating each year, its estimated that 15% get jobs they studied for while others are rendered unemployed because of lack of experience or because old people who are supposed to retire are in office, Mr president inclusive. Reasons as to why they slept in the nation address, which either turned into a lullaby or they noticed all that was being said was at some point a lie. Most of what was said were wishes “wish of the Nation address.”


While the dollar is greatly rising against the shilling, rather the shilling going down the depths (six feet under), it is mostly blamed on reduced foreign exchange inflow in our country. There is a lot of foreign exchange outflow that is supposed to be blamed on the love of foreign good like phones and ipads. If the government had purchased the Ugandan made tab for MPs, it would have boosted employment in Uganda and capital inflow. Many Ugandans like Mama Phina, with all due respect find it swaggerific to carry dollars around and splash them on weddings. , not whining, because it aint my money, am jhus saying. Where did patriotism go?


Agriculture and It among others were named as some of the most income generators in Uganda. But tourism wasn’t mentioned yet we have a very rich tourism industry hindered by poor roads because the government first has to construct the road next to the president’s home and that’s an achievement that gained a few claps in serena a few days ago. If tourism is greatly boosted in Uganda, more jobs can be created instead of hiring a  foreign  public relations firm when many Ugandans have graduated in the same field, this will also lead to increase in foreign exchange inflow. It’s a win, win situation.


As agriculture was greatly hailed by the president, the investor of the new forest company must be imprisoned for slashing 400 acres of crops belonging to residents.

What’s your say?     #daviskawalya



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