human emotion

Human emotions like love and lust are some of the things that have led to the down fall of man. Starting form the real beginning, manifested in the Bible where many men where destroyed by either love or lust even the strongest of men, kings and nobles. People like Adam, disobeyed God because he loved his companion so much as to trust her to eat the forbidden fruit, Samson, strongest of men was fooled by a woman, David, truthfully lustful that he had to kill a man because he had a beautiful wife, the list is endless.


Failure and success are also part of human emotion, the things we thing about that can influence our lives. Reasons we have billionaires and poverty stricken families, failures and those who have succeeded, it all begins in the mind. The root cause of disaster, success, failure, love, lust, hate, joy, sadness, happiness among others. Failure is rooted deep in our minds together with fear, I describe failure as fear to succeed or to try something unlimited times. The most successful people in life are those who have tried and tried as long as they are alive, because its through trying that we gain the courage to finally make it. People like Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Neil Armstrong. Inventors, poets, writers, celebrities… everyone has got a story, a story that can influence a life or a story that has influenced life. A sad story and a happy story as well.


Many times we fall in love and end up getting heart broken, a friendship turns into something worse. Many times we try and fail, we don’t give up trying but we keep on failing. That’s when you learn not to give up but to let go. We should stop believing in ancestors and start believing in our selves, if you think you can do it, not even death can stop you. It all begins in the mind! Don’t loose hope, but most of all don’t lose sight of the road ahead of you.


Human emotions can be controlled, and you can do it to the very best, just learn everything or anything from whatever situation life throws at you, be it love, lust, joy, failure, don’t leave the lesson behind. Well as human emotion is fatal, its also an element of success in life. Trust me.       #daviskawalya



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