With the vision to be a vibrant, attractive and sustainable city, and a mission to deliver quality services to the city, and with the core values of excellence, integrity and innovativeness, KCCA under the Executive Director Jennifer Musisi has worked tirelessly over the years to deliver according to and beyond expectation. Many thanks go to all the branches under the body that have enabled the body to be fully functional with minor short comings from the public. Kampala being the capital city of a country globally referred to as a pearl, Kampala qualifies to be called a gemstone. The beauty portrayed by a mix of ancient and modern architecture, buildings growing tall and unforgettable. Grass getting green and trees being planted to conserve the environment. KCCA is the sole porter and planner of such beauty as seen.

Kampala is fit to be the nacreous, no doubt, it’s a place were many crave to be but only a few can be, like Rome or London, distance and continent not important, Kampala is worth a visit, worth a tour and worth a picture. Each shot full of love, and adventure, a city of febrile youths and people filled with vitality. A simulacrum of a nation full of joy, awesomeness and great leadership. A once squalid city now bright with cleanliness and order, the police also given a vote of thanks.

Many muse about the achievements of the KCCA, but these achievements are summed in a great lovely, lovable, charming city that Kampala is, looking back to the lots of commotion and disorder, I see development, I see beauty but most of all I see the sweat of those that have made the city loving and worth a visit. I see a smile of satisfaction from those who have toiled in the cold and in the heat, in the rain and under the sun, through hard times and through smooth times, you will always be the hearts that uplifted the mother of the pearl, the pearl of Africa. And one day I will tell my grand kids that whatever you see in Kampala was mostly the effect of KCCA. As many look at KCCA with scorn, I bring my thanks for what you have done for us, many might not see it now, but in the long run, they will. For a vibrant, attractive and sustainable city. #KCCA

With scorn they gazed
Deeply hurt by change
Faces n cheeks saffron with hatred
Whatnot we had seen
Seen it all in the early years

Development in the pipeline
Flimsy development demolished
Many spastics out competed
Many rules and regs placed
To help curb disorder
As order is key to change
But change not to development

KCCA deserving of all praise and thanks
But hated and loved by many
Caring less for what we think
Striving to make us say yes
Yes it was worth the doing
Doing what’s right
For a vibrant, attractive n sustainable city
To deliver quality services with excellence
Integrity and innovativeness.



  1. thanks alot dear blogger,the number of those that loved and hated KCCA was even,but now instead of sitting on the fence over the matter,i see quite lots of folks crossing over to the KCCAED camp sideline.indeed just like musisi says,we don’t need to have wagging tongues to woo people to our side,but rather musisi’s actions will change their mindsets.we are now worthy to be called the pearl,we are getting there.

  2. We thank your for the time you took to post this encouraging message, and support for the transformation of our beloved city, Kampala the pearl of Africa.
    We are proud of KCCA and its achievements so far and can’t wait to see the next big thing happening. The Bible says, Righteousness exaults a nation, because of good leadership policies, we see it happening as it is God’s time for UGANDA.
    For God and my Country UGANDA.

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