I was supposed to be writing about something else, then I saw this on NTV news, ”Uganda to hire PR firm,” okay, my heart is so breaking down. This is one of the reasons as to why many Ugandans are unemployed. The government gets foreign assistance on things that the nationals can do, in Uganda, thousand of students go in for mass communication and hundreds greatly graduate in public relations. Well as others despise and don’t even wish to take on the course, its quite marketable in and out of Uganda. Public relations deals with informing the public about what a product or situation is really about, diminishes myths about many products as the public relations agent makes sure his product is highly competitive.
The thing that is breaking my heart and making my blood boil is the fact that with all resources available, with all public relations graduates who are jobless but functional, the government chooses to hire a public relations firm to help in making Uganda popular or known. The government should have hired a public relations firm to train Ugandan PR agents so that, they don’t have to hire another PR firm in the short or long run. We should start looking beyond our nostrils otherwise, with this attitude, vision 2040 should be dropped and turned into vision 22nd century. We need to develop ourselves and others, not giving others a chance to fully manipulate us as we continue to suffer with poverty, under development and unemployment.
PS. I am supposed to be thanking KCCA for the great work done, since my mood has been shuttered, I will do the KCCA article tomorrow. God bless.. #vision2040 #kika #kcca


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