Uganda is comprised of a large percentage of youths, many of whom are extremely broke and unemployed. This is mainly blamed on the poor curriculum in schools that is said to produce job seekers instead of job makers. On the contrary, it should be noted that even in Europe or America, there are job seekers who achieve the success they so much want.
Being broke doesn’t mean you are unemployed but being unemployed means you might be broke. Well, I am a big fan of Dr. Ian Clarke’s Sunday articles, they are therapeutic I must say. so I recall this one article that I read were he said something like ‘Ugandans are lazy and waiting to be helped,’ (not his real words), but he said something close to that, he was and is right.
With a flimsy base built by a flimsy school curriculum and a flimsy education structure, increasing the level of job makers is a very big joke. I believe we should embrace the problem that has haunted us for years now, beside thinking and advocating for the change of curriculum, we should get solutions to unemployment. With an increasing number of investors running into our country most of whom are foreigners, most jobs are going to fellow foreigners with Ugandans taking low post jobs in such huge investments.
I don’t fathom the reason as to why someone has to wait till he becomes a bachelor holder so as to begin looking for a job, this is the case with most Ugandans. Take an example, many form six vacists are home watching movies and sleeping expecting life to be fair. While the few are out there trying to look for something to do, may be a certificate course, an internship, volunteering. Why wait to join the league of waiters, start now, unless you believe in chance, but luck already got you covered. Unless you are waiting for Jesus to get back, you better stop, get you’re a** up and make your life a success

With the growing swagger among youths, many jobs have been left for the un swaggerific people of the nation, seems swag has become a culture in our nation, though it easily blends in, it is one of the major reasons as to why many Ugandans will remain job seekers. Then, there comes asking, many people are so much willing never to ask for help even in the event of life and death. Asking is one of the most ignored tools to success. When you ask, you might not get a suitable answer, but atleast you learn something new always. The power to ask, lies in your brains, it is a gift of self esteem. If you lack self esteem, then you probably have group esteem which will do you no good. What are you waiting for?



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