What’s the irony in the quote “ garbage in garbage out”? facts are bitter, but come to think of it, what you input is equivalent to the out put. You cant sow maize and reap apples and you cant fatten a bull at the market. There is a quote that makes me happy, ‘life isn’t about quotes about life,’ but these are the things that keep us going, they keep us motivated and hopeful even when no hope is required, that’s what quotes do for me and you, they are a lubricant that help us to glide through the almost impossible things in life.

Now, last week, my inspiration, ‘the old man of the clan,’ Andrew Mwenda posted something on his facebook page but one thing caught my eye, he said “ the public sucks.”
Indeed it does, there is no proof to back that down. If you got money they got your back, if you become bankrupt they stab you from the back. You pioneer walk to work, what makes you thing that people wont walk out on you,? Then you give people money so as to stay relevant, what makes you think the same people you gave money cant oust you? Human emotion is so fragile and unpredictable, a lot can happen in the process of blinking.
The public is like lost sheep, literally, they don’t know what they, actually, they want to have everything. This is socially and realistically impossible, you cant have it all, you must have a menu, there must be something you want, and it has to be something that is pushing you up the ladder of success, unfortunately it’s the other way round. They chase temporary things around, things that can back fire, things that can easily perish, reason as to why love sucks.



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