Unique as a snowflake,
Common as grass,
Painful as it must’ve been,
You brought me into this world,
You gave me the chance to live,
You carried me in your arms when ever I cried,
Tapped my back when ever I smiled,
You gave me this, your unending beauty,
The same beauty of a rainbow in the sky.
Love and tenderness were a meal for me,
You taught me how to read, smile, laugh,
But most of all you taught me how to love.

You are the light that heals in a deep and quiet way,
A flame I never want to go cold,
A step that opened my ears, eyes, and heart,
To all sorts of people and ideas.

With cheeks the color of apricots,
And eyes as dark as a raven’s.
You showed me how to be confident and
Hopeful no matter the situation,
Strong as an oak tree,
Beautiful as the sunrise, bright as the golden evening sun.

Always watching and waiting,
To wipe my tears away,
To offer me a shoulder to lean on and
A smile to give me strength and vigor.
The hope to carry on and the love that I deserve.
With hope and fear and wonder,
I take every step with hope and love
No need to look back,
you are always by my side.

I love you because you sing the tunes,
Without the words.
I love you mummy



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