There is that time

In life, there always comes a time when we look back to the things we have done. A time when we regret for what we didn’t do right, a time when we go back to the drawing board to re-structure a plan gone bad, a time when we wish we had done better, a time that we don’t have to give up but to let go. A time when we celebrate all our victories, a time when we are grateful to God for his mercy, love and kindness. A time when we are thankful to all our friends for being their through thick and thin, a time when we get to our knees and say we are sorry.
Life, in itself is worth living. Many ups and downs await us in our every day life, many huddles to come over, many temptations to resist, many joys to enjoy, enemies and friends almost alike. Sometimes it dawns on us to make a decision and decision can tend to be very tricky. In that one decision might deprive you of something you would really like. The problem with making a choice or a decision is that one way or the other, you make the decision or choice. There is no formular to not making one.
Not many years ago, I sang in a song, “new day” with my colleagues “kla city” but I am a ‘Kenny Rogers’ in the making and the lyrics to my part were “life is a mystery, one to be unraveled with care.. you never know what challenge is right up the corner.” A head turner of sorts. Life is one big mystery that man has still failed to unfold so is the “Bermuda triangle saga.” Living and death are the only equal things that man shares, because poor, weak, rich, famous, infamous, will all die aslong as they have had a chance to live.
I personally learnt one think in highschool, expect the best but hope for the worst. Success in life is a two way road, when you set a goal, accompany it with hope. For hope is the last thing to die in a man. There are no loopholes in life, they only exist in businesses. There are no shortcuts to anything worth having in life, all shortcuts come with very unworthy effects. If you cant do it, atleast try to do it, giving up should never cross your mind. Letting go doesn’t mean you have given up, it means you stuck in there till there was no other option than going back to the drawing board.
This world is for the strong, the brave and for forgivers… and for people who are ready to try many many more crazy ideas that others deemed so impossible after all. Success isn’t for quitters and so is life, if you cant be successful when still living, then you are better dead than alive.



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