In the pearl of Africa, people fight, people kill. Random and uncalled for riots almost always. It breaks my heart to see people, especially students fighting for what they paid for. In many Public universities (government owned), as lecturers strike over salary increment or for unpaid salary, they forget that the students that paid their millions and so, are the ones to suffer, not the ministry of education and not the president. So the students also decide to strike, in the process, property worthy millions is lost and many people injured, because the government has a large and active reserve of tear gas and a poorly trained police force who are so brutal, they probably never taught them that ‘ you don’t cool fire by adding petrol.’ While the students have a strong urge to fight for what they paid for. It makes you wonder what happened to value of money, does money have value? Yes it does. I am a soul believer in peace, so harsh methods really piss me off. Give me one reason as to why I would stop rioting if no one is willing to hear me out and act. I think the government has to build a platform upon which complaints can be passed on to people in power and action taken, and I also urge my fellow Ugandans to act like elites, there are other methods of striking that are less destructive like, seat down strikes. We should stop looking at the problems and stopping at that, we should look for possible solutions. I have stated the problem, a few effects and given some applicable and practical solutions.



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