Pride is often described as the direct appreciation of oneself.

Then, there comes this question, why are people judged by their pride?

To begin with, no one has a right of judging the other, we leave that right to God. “ don’t judge me, God isn’t yet done with me.” But amidst all that, we go ahead to judge others, mostly unfairly. I think judgement is a human emotion uncontrolled by nerves or wisdom.

I have seen many people hating someone because of his awesomeness and pride, forgetting that these two are needed for human growth and a small ounce of pride is needed for self esteem. I am not here to judge anyone, but one thing that has to be known for sure is that pride, whether a small ounce or a great ounce, is greatly needed. Therefore not a basis for judgement.

I personally brag with a small ounce of pride, makes me the man I am. Take it or leave it, leave pride to those who can handle it and still manage to be awesome, grateful and lovable…. #mythoughts


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